Custom Plastic Molding Products and Component Parts from Component Molding (Milfoam) are strong, durable, resilient, easy-to-maintain and affordable.
The RIM process combines liquid components, then injects them into a low pressure mold where they react to form a thermoset Polymer. Aluminum RIM molds make the process economical for large – part and low volume production.

RIM urethanes are the result of a chemical reaction that takes place between the two primary components of a urethane polymer – an isocyanate and a polyol. These two liquid components are stored in separate, temperature-controlled day tanks and metered via closed-loop controlled hydraulic lances through a piping system to the mix head. In the recirculation mode, the mix head is valved so that materials return back to their respective tanks. When a “shot” is made, the mix head valves shift, causing the components to blend under impingement pressure in a mixing barrel. The mixed components then exit the mix head and enter the mold via a gate and runner system. At the end of the shot, a hydraulically-driven piston moves forward and cleans any residual polymer from the mix chamber without the use of solvents.

Because the components are injected into the mold cavity as a liquid, the molds can be constructed to withstand relatively low pressures and are typically made from aluminum. Mold carriers or clamps also operate under comparatively low tonnages. For most applications, 100-200 psi is sufficient.

By manipulation of polymer chemistry, urethane formulations can be custom-tailored to achieve a wide range of physical properties that include:

Semi-rigid integral-skin foam
– soft touch, smooth finish
– tear resistance
– designer finishes
– perfect for encapsulated inserts
– cushioning ability

Probe Holder
Our molded integral skin foams are a great choice for applications that require a soft and forgiving material to protect and store the portable components of medical and electronic instruments. The material is tough and easily washed but provides just the right cushioning effect to the clatter of metal on metal when an instrument is stored.

Create a soft resting place for delicate and sensitive instruments with a custom molded urethane receptacle.

Rigid Structural Foams

RIM urethanes also include a family of products formulated to produce structural components. RIM structural foams can be used for enclosures, cabinetry and other components that require rigidity and strength.

The thermal insulating properties of these materials can be an added benefit for applications that involve temperature isolation within the envelope of an instrument.