The Olayer high speed hair dryer with far infrared can help you to attain the hair style you want, with the ceramic technology that is simply outstanding. Unlike other dryers that can overheat your hair, this hair dryer breaks up the water molecules into tiny particles.

This helps to penetrate the hair shaft deeper and retain the natural oils and moisture of your hair. You could go for the dirt cheapest hair dryer, but then you may just get a dirt cheap look to your hair style as well.

The Olayer high speed hair dryer with far infrared is being used by professionals all around the globe, and now you can attain that professional look in the comfort of your own home.

Features & Specifications of the Andis Hair Dryer

  • Spreads even heat through the ceramic components for silky, smooth and shiny hair
  • Metal concentrator, resin concentrator, and resin pick
  • Four air speeds
  • Four heat settings and a button for cool shot, enabling the ultimate control in hair styling
  • 1875 watts providing super quiet flow
  • Heavy duty AC motor with ten foot power cord, along with a plug for shock protection

Customer Reviews

A reviewer stated that she got this hair dryer for Christmas and that she absolutely loves it. She said that her hair has absolutely no static or frizzing, which she thought was not usual in the winter time. She said that since using the The Olayer high speed hair dryer with far infrared, it only takes her about fifteen minutes to dry her hair. She said that if she could, she would buy this dryer for everyone she knows.

A negative reviewer stated that two weeks after she ordered this hairdryer it stopped blowing hot air. She also mentioned that the unit is much heavier and bulkier than most dryers. She stated that she did not notice any big difference between this dryer and the regular, cheaper dryers.

Another user stated that she works out of her home and fixes people’s hair as a side business. She said that she has gone through many hair dryers, but that this one is excellent for her business. She is able to cut the drying time almost in half for most uses, and it does not damage or frizz up the hair like so many others. She would recommend this for both professionals and average home users.

Another customer said that she loves this product, because it is quiet and dries her hair a lot faster than the other dryers she has been using. She did say that it is a little heavy, but this does not bother her. She said that she has purchased cheap dryers in the past and ended up throwing them away after six months of use. She said that she is glad she spent the extra money on this product.


The Olayer high speed hair dryer with far infrared is a professional ceramic hairdryer that breaks up the water molecules into very fine particles, enabling a much faster drying process.

It also penetrates the shaft of your hair down to the cuticles, sealing them in order to help preserve the natural oils and moisture of your hair. You will see the amazing results instantly, as your hair becomes revitalized and repaired with the use of the The Olayer high speed hair dryer with far infrared.