Prophecy Unleashes Technology 4.0

Industrial Revolution 1.0 to 4.0


Industrial Revolution 1.0

Early Machines are Powered by Water and Steam


Industrial Revolution 2.0

Mass Production is Powered by Electricity


Industrial Revolution 3.0

Electronics are Integrated with Machinery to Automate Production


Industrial Revolution 4.0

The Internet of Things (IoT): – Machinery-physical systems- are monitored by electronic sensing technology which connects people to machinery and enables production gains

1995:Web 0.1

Individual documents become connected via HTML

2000:Web 1.0

Connected companies become connected through the Internet

2005:Web 2.0

People become connected through E-mail

2010:Web 3.0

People and companies become connected through social networks

2015:Web 4.0

The Internet of Things (IoT) creates new business models for OEM manufacturers by differentiating with predictive maintenance and service/parts enhancements

Grid 1:Office Grid

Business Machines and production planning are connected

Grid 2:Home Grid

Consumer devices are connected to people through the Cloud

Grid 3:Factory Grid

People communicate with machines through Ethernet

Grid 4:Predictive
Maintenance Grid

The convergence of production machines with Sensorlytics Technology from Prophecy which actively monitors machine conditions and communicates via Cloud and Bluetooth


Convergence of machinery with Sensorlytic technology to monitor machine conditions real-time and communicate to service/parts provider networks via Cloud Technology 4.0

Maintenance Technology 4.0

1.0 Skilled Maintenance

Early manufacturing had plentiful low cost specialized maintenance workers to keep equipment running.

2.0 Periodic Maintenance

Periodic scheduled maintenance reduced the number of maintenance workers required but demanded regular service.

3.0 Run To Failure

Elimination of skilled maintenance in many factories leads to frequent machine breakdowns and loss of production (Today).

4.0 Prophecized Maintenance

The 4P Maintenance Mode: Prophecized equipment is Predictive (early warning before failure), Preventative (indicates when machine is being abused) and Prescriptive (compares historic data looking for process change solutions).

Prophecized equipment includes automatic archival of failures/alarms to enable future downtime reduction.

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