Hair Irons

One of the most used instruments or tools for styling and managing hair are hair irons. These tools utilize heat in order to achieve the style that we want. There are basically two kinds of hair irons—it can be either for straightening hair or curling it.

2 Types of Hair Irons

hair flat iron
Hair flat iron

Straightening Hair Irons

Straightening hair irons are the commonly used ones due to the fact that a lot of people want to have that smooth, straight locks. Also termed as crimping irons, these straightening irons are heated devices that when open up and clamped to hair removes curls or keeps hair straight and silky. There are also products that we can use along with this device and these are the petrolatum-based oils or pressing oils that helps lubricate hair allowing the straightening iron to glide easily on hair. It is also with these oils where it helps condition and wax the hair in order to avoid damage due to friction and heat.

If we look back, the first kinds of hair straighteners are those that used chemicals applied on the scalp and hair lotions to promote straight hair until such time when heated metal hair devices such as hot metal combs were invented until the modern hair straightening irons that we have now were conceived. Today, more and more innovations are being done to improve and enhance the device for better efficiency and helps keep hair healthy and lessen the damage that it can cause.

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Electric Curling Hair Irons

Electric curling hair irons have electric resistance heater inside the wand and it is equipped with a thermal switch. There are models that allow you to change the heat settings just Iike in the straightening irons and there are also top of the line models that make use of water to add steam while using it.

They are basically used in order to produce curls which have also become a popular hairstyle lately. These days, we no longer have to go to the parlor just to get the curls that we want nor do we have to use harmful chemicals in order to get that curl. With just the use of curling irons, we can already have the curls that we want to have.

hair curling iron
Hair curling iron

These curling hair irons also have different sizes depending on what how large or small the curl you want to achieve or the kind of curl that you are aiming for. The heat that comes out of the curling iron breaks the weak hydrogen bonds on the hair allowing to curl it temporarily. Depending on the type of hair texture that you have, you may have to adjust the heat that you need to keep curls in place but experts recommend the use of low setting in order to avoid burning hair and avoid producing tight curls.

Make sure that these devices are meant to style and also manage hair but abusing them and using them every day or too many times in a day can damage the device itself and your hair. So always remember the precautionary measures in using them such as ensuring hair is dry prior to usage not unless the device is equipped for wet hair, proper storage and cleaning of the device, using products to protect hair from heat and avoid too much styling with chemicals such as hair dye, etc.